Dark Chocolate Offerings

Please note, like many art museums, not all pieces are on view at the same time.   It’s the same with our fudge–for the freshest selection, we don’t have all flavors readily available.   With that in mind, please see our “Purchase page where you’ll find currently available flavors, an order form, and a PayPal button.  

Meanwhile, please explore the some of the dozens of Belgian dark chocolate-based varieties we’ve crafted–including some non-dairy flavors.   Just try not to drool on your screen: 


ALMOND — A satisfying way to eat this “superfood!”   (Created in dairy and non-dairy versions)

BALSAMIC CINNAMON – Let this deep, complex chocolate slowly melt in your mouth to reveal layers of fruit flavors.

CASSIS –  The perfect balance of luxurious dark chocolate and black currant.

CLASSIC –  Velvety smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. 

COCONUT — You’re on vacation the moment you taste it.   (Created in dairy and non-dairy versions)

GINGER –   Warm, spicy ginger boldly flavors this smooth chocolate base.

GOAT CHEESE – This will be your new favorite cheesecake!

KNOCK, KNOCK–ORANGE YOU GLAD THIS IS FUDGE?–  A playful balance of luxuriant dark chocolate and intense orange.

LEMON – Yes, lemon.   The sweet and tangy contrast will pleasantly surprise you!  (Try half a piece with half a piece of cassis for a creative flavor experience!)

PEANUT BUTTER — Natural peanut butter increases its creamy decadence.   (Created in dairy and non-dairy versions)

PEPPERMINT –  Rich, dark chocolate with a refreshing burst of peppermint. 

POMEGRANATE PECAN – A sophisticated combination of sweet and sour, smooth and crunchy.
RASPBERRY CHILI –  A distinctive blend of spicy and jammy flavors in dark chocolate.

THAI – This vegan fudge bursts with the exotic flavors of Thailand.

WASABI – Bold.  Dark chocolate with an unexpected slightly “floral” kick.