Throughout the year, you’ll find us at NIH, farmers markets and other festivals in the local MD/DC/VA area.  You’ll find us at the following farmers’ markets the rest of the month (addresses on our “find us” page): 

SAT SEP 16: Pike and Rose (N. Bethesda)

SUN SEP 17: Bethesda Elementary School

SAT SEP 23: Pike and Rose (N. Bethesda)

SUN SEP 24: Mosaic (Fairfax, VA)


In a rush?  You may pre-order online for MARKET pickup before each of our regular sales dates.  Simply use THIS button at least one day before the market (after selecting your box and current flavors further down the page):

Preorder for local pickup!
#pcs, flavors (ex: 2FF, 3CL)
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If you don’t have a paypal account, fear not!  You’ll find a place to check out with a credit card on the bottom right of the “cart” page!


To ship throughout the United States via USPS priority mail (other than in the heat of summer), please follow these instructions (and use the buttons at the bottom of the page):

1. First, select your box size using the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.  (The box sizes are depicted below):

2-piece box – $3.50  Purchase in multiples for place cards or small party gifts. At the end of the event, your guests take their box home to continue the celebration!

5-piece box – $9.00 These elegant boxes are wonderfully understated–keep it by your desk for a treat each weekday!

palettewithboxes - Copy

8-piece bunny box – $15.00  Eight pieces of artisanal gourmet fudge are nestled in this adorable box!

Bunny box

12-piece box – $20.00  Perfect for a unique host/hostess, or “gift-to-self” gift! (Our 12-piece flat box will be provided unless our “painter’s pail” is specified)


2. Next, select box contents from the following list of flavors.  Feel free to mix and match!   Simply abbreviate the flavor and quantity of each in the “fill your box” space below the flavor list. (For example: 3pc CL, 2pc AH…) NOTE: We list the predominant chocolate type next to each flavor, as some people like to choose their chocolate by type.

Here are our current flavors as of September 14th:

1.  “AH”  “Apples and Honey” (Milk chocolate)

2.  “CL”  “Classic”  (Dark chocolate)

3.  “PP”   “Pomegranate Pecan” (Dark chocolate)

4.  “SL”  “Sesame Lemon (‘Halva’)” (Milk chocolate)

5.  “CH” “Chai” (Blended Milk/Dark Chocolate)

6.  “VCA”  “VEGAN Coconut Almond”  (Vegan Dark Chocolate)

7. “KL” “Key Lime (‘Gin & Tonic’)” (Dark Chocolate) – this one is only sold in packs of three, and all proceeds will go to Florida hurricane Irma relief.

To order for USPS priority shipment, in BELOW 90 degree weather:

Box options
Note flavors, #pcs (ex: 3FC):
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(Don’t forget to note the shipment address if it’s not yours!)

Our fudge is mailed only Monday through Wednesday to avoid lingering in a post office over the weekend  If you’re a local and would like to order a package and have it delivered within five miles of our Bethesda or Pike Central Farmer’s Market locations, please note that in the comments section of the form and we will call you to arrange delivery.

(If our “Add to Cart” buttons seem to be on vacation, we aren’t!    Simply send us a note via the comment form below about an order!)

If you’d rather purchase fudge in non-perishable form, click here:

To partake of our fanciful, all natural, gluten-free fudge, you may also find us at various farmers markets throughout the MD-DC-VA area, as well as at the elegant and funky espresso|cafe|wine bar Before&After in Sperryville, VA.

Keep The Chocolatier’s Palette in mind throughout the year for parties, wedding favors, teacher gifts….or even if you just want to suggest a new flavor.   Just send us a note in the following form:

Contact the Head Chocolatier

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Thank you!