It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it wasn’t at all. It was a beautiful day in November 2013. A friend and I were at an elegant wine tasting in Central Virginia.  To our great dismay, bagged drugstore chocolate appeared next to our wine glasses at the dessert pairing.  At that moment it clicked–I thought everyone should have finer chocolate, and I wanted to help make it so.

You see, for more than a decade, I’d been making gourmet fudge in small batches for family and friends at the holidays.   I’d always delighted in their reactions to tasting my artisanal treats, and continually invented new flavors to surprise them.  They’ve noted, “The flavors you come up with are so creative and delicious!” “I wait all year to savor every piece.” “I hide the fudge so my kids don’t get to it first….”

Over the years, they’ve encouraged me to follow my dream and share my treats on a wider scale.  I always thought “someday;”  but that fateful November day, I had an epiphany.  My time had come. The Chocolatier’s Palette was born.