Compliments & Accolades

Try some – your taste buds will thank you!    (Here are a few comments from those who did!):

“Fudge.  Was.  AWESOME!”   (Greg, Charlotte, NC)

“That is the best piece of fudge I will ever eat in my life.”  (Kip, Chautauqua, NY)

“I thought my orange fudge was good.  Yours is superb.”  (Kathy.  Tysons Corner, VA)

“I’ve had a lot of chocolate in my life, and believe me, I have never had anything like this.   I literally need to lick my fingers.”   (Linda, Chevy Chase, MD)

“It’s like heaven in your mouth!”   (Michelle, Oakton, VA)

“It’s SO good–it’s intense and complex, but it’s not too sweet, and almost light…”  (Barbara, Tampa, FL)

“Wow……WOW!!!   That is so good!”   (Mario, Washington DC)