Milk Chocolate Offerings

Please note, like many art museums, not all pieces are on view at the same time.   It’s the same with our fudge–for the freshest selection, we don’t have all flavors readily available.   With that in mind, please see our “Purchase” page where you’ll find currently available flavors, an order form, and a PayPal button.  

Meanwhile, please explore the some of the dozens of Belgian milk chocolate-based varieties we’ve crafted…..and try not to drool on your screen: 

ANISE –   A sweet surprise for the black licorice lover.

CHAI –  Aromatic and spicy, this exotic blend will transport you to faraway lands

CLASSIC –  Velvety smooth with just the right amount of sweetness.

LATTE –  Coffee, milk, and chocolate.  Need we say more?

LAVENDER –  Flowers and chocolate – the perfect gift!

PEANUT BUTTER AND “JELLY” – There’s no bread or jelly in this gluten-free classic!

PISTACHIO, CARDAMOM, ROSEWATER – A sultry blend of textures and spices from the Near East.  Pure decadence.

SALTED CARAMEL –  Caramel bits enrobed in milk chocolate, accented with a hint of sea salt.

SESAME LEMON — Creamy tahini and crunchy sesame seeds add great texture to this exotic treat!

TOMATO BASIL – Yes. Really.  The unexpected flavor of tomato is blended with candied organic basil for a taste sensation that’s sweet and savory.